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Found 22nd Apr

I’m researching on hajj packages and the range is astonishing. From around £4K -£10k!

Now what I’ve noticed is the expensive packages have vip tents n better location for hotels and tents in Mina. How close are the tents in comparison to the other non vip tents? Also do all tents have mattress etc

I don’t mind a quick walk to the haram but the hotel needs to a certain standard in terms of cleanliness. I know the 3* hotels are a mixed bag. Any recommendations? I’d be looking for a short stay package.
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Find a Hajj agent in your area. They will be the best people to find this information from. Speak to people who went last year to see where they stayed and what they paid. If you go to your local mosque(s) you'll have plenty of people to advise you.
Please don't buy the package from anyone you don't know. At makkah the hotels look poor but in madina they are nice. My sister bought a twin room, it's better because women share the room with other women from the group which means people come and leave your room at different times.
There's 100s of questions so please ask your own local residents. A 3☆ costs £4,395 based on 4 sharing with a popular mosque in Bradford. Remember to do this right, you don't know when you're going next
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