HALF LIFE 2 - Orange box PC (Physical)

    Basically, I ain't paying £25+ via steam for a product that is coming out in physical format on the 19th. I think that takes the mickey that they charge just as much to download it when doing so saves them so much money in physical production costs. If it was £5+ cheaper than anywhere online, then fair enough, but it's a point of principle.

    Cheapest price I've seen so far is £24.98 delivered from Amazon


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    Cheers mate, but it's not on anymore :-(

    stanglish - you can download it whenever you like to any PC in the world. Whenver you rebuild your PC you can also redownload it. So there are benefits.

    Your also considering the environment

    I'm only interested in TF2... thats now on steam for about £15 so I'm waiting for that to come down a little.
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