Half price in Ethel Austin

    Went into my local store today (Hemel Hempstead) and everything is HALF PRICE or less. Among other things I picked up a Revlon mascara £1, two lipsticks 50p each. Some kids clothes were 70% off. Worth going in to have a look.


    They have gone into administration, haven't they?


    They have gone into administration, haven't they?

    So we've heard. Ours is closing down

    I went into our local one and picked up loads of bargains.
    The woman behind the counter said only 30 of the 300 shops are going to close.
    My local one is staying open thanks goodness, you can't beat Ethels for bits and bobs.

    Ours is one of the 30 then where we are

    Right, thanks for the pointer I'm off to Ethels as they have good as niikib123 says "bits and bobs" :-D

    We got all Babys forthcoming holiday clothes, shorts tshirts vests etc. Fair play ive got to get her "going out clothes but at these silly prices we can leave them all there.

    MY local one is closing down but is liquidating all the stock so expect cheaper than half price on many products

    well i think ours has already gone and it was only very small anyway, that is the Buxton one unless someone knows of it still being open.

    Note that its half price on all the clothing but stuff like (when i went in) sun tan lotion and baby oil is same price.
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