Half Price on Sky TV for exisiting customers for 6 months - no contract extension

i have called sky customer care to cancel my SKY TVtoday, they have offered me half price on my Sky TV , i was paying £23 a months for all 6 packages, they have offered me half price on Sky TV for first 6 months NO CONTRACT EXTENSION reqd.


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not sure why ppl being so rude to mark this as cold....pls can this be explained

ive voted it hot, I've done that a few times myself to get a cheaper deal with SKY, might do it again soon, cheers for the heads up.

seen before that some people get reaction "ok cancelled bye"

Not sure, this would apply to everyone



seen before that some people get reaction "ok cancelled bye"

not a good situation if that happens if you dont want to cancel

very good well done Have you a Cheap Number to ring them

Player 1;8081585

not a good situation if that happens if you dont want to cancel

Why not? Just sign up another member of your household again as a new customer and get Quidco into the bargain and get a new Digibox with a fresh 12 months warranty.

Sky would be foolish to say, 'bye cancelled' as they get to lose a lot more this way.

This is just luck in which agent you get and how good or bad they are at their job so hardly a deal thats available to all.

Ive tried it in the past and got nowhere

Problem is this is not a deal for everyone...like someone has said, you could ring to call their bluff and get it cancelled when all you want is a discount.

Pleased you got yourself a bargain but its a luck of the draw deal!

Why not just go for freesat recorder. Its not suitable if you want to watch the football and other sports. But its great for movies and recording TV. If you have a sky+ setup already its just plug and play. Once you get the box you don't have to pay again. Sky is just a con that gets more expensive and poorer quality TV.

Player 1;8081585

not a good situation if that happens if you dont want to cancel

Takes thirty days for cancellations to go through. At any time during that period you can contact them again to cancel the cancellation, so it's always worth a go if you're into trying it on with these sorts of things.

this is a good deal and worth trying, its certainly better than the 16gb usb keys that get to a billion % heat that can only be found in one store in the UK and only ever had one in stock, or the lord of the rings trilogy going cold because of other films that dont exist in the world.


Moved to Misc. It's more of a tip.

Thanks for sharing.

Will give it a try at the weekend as paying just under £40 for the sports package, if I don't get anywhere I will just get the sports taken off to save some money as not bothered about missin some games and can always go the pub to watch

anyone know a cheap number to phone sky?

0800 0466432 is the freephone (from landlines usually) alternative to the 0844 241 4141 number they readily give out.

Always worth checking ]saynoto0870.com for any alternatives to costly company phone numbers.

Just phoned sky and got my bill bill reduced to £32 a month for 6 months instead of £41 so a couple of quid better off in my pocket.

I just asked to remove sky sports from my package then I was offered to keep my package and have a £9 reduction each month.

Not bad for a 2 minute call
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