Half Price Printer

    Hello All

    Looking for a new all in one. Preferably wi-fi and 4/5 cartridge system.

    would prefer to get a half price printer.

    What sort of half price printers are available ?


    Well I was in the market for a wireless printer recently so I looked everywhere and found that the cheaper ones were all subsidised by the massive cost of replacement cartridges. Sure, you could buy re-filled/comapatible cartridges for the likes of lexmark, hp et al (for a fraction of the oem ones), but in my experience these are unreliable and messy.

    I knew I was after a printer which used simple 'pots of ink' without a propritory chip onboard.. thus better reliability even on refilled carts (the chips tend to get damaged :whistling:) and also cheaper. (also they last MUCH longer!)

    ended up getting a Brother DCP770CW direct from the manufacturer (via ebay) saved 50% on the RRP (it was classed as 'refurbished' but there wasn't a scratch on it.. even 'smelt' new!) printer I've ever had!! The paper sits in a 'pull out' tray a'la photocopier, so it doesn't get dusty if you haven't used it in a while.. no paper jams.. ever... wide lcd screen shows photos in actual size/shape and tells you what you're doing. Also, loads of card slots, great wireless range :thumbsup:

    Best of all though the 'compatible' carts cost 75-120p each depending on how many you buy and there's little chance of getting a dud!.. You can even buy 'cleaning' carts which clean out the ink lines and keep your 'investment in good shape! :-D

    Think it came to c£70 all in via one of their ebay auctions, but I think if you do a bit of digging you'll find they have a more 'terafirma' Brother site selling them at the same prices.
    example ebay item number (don't know if I can post link here!) = 280371105599

    Sorry to rave so much! but it's been like a breath of fresh air after getting ripped off RE: cartridges for years! :oops::thumbsup:

    Im not even the OP, but I have to say, what a great response huggychair. Very detailed...I may even get one myself!:thumbsup:
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