Half way through insurance policy, was insurance group 17 new car is now insurance group 6 and I got to pay £38 extra!!!

just shocked?
hahahahaha that's made my day, British insurance at its best, con Britannia
Cancel and go elsewhere, cheeky so n so's!
That's totally stupid,

Ridiculous how much car insurance cost's and doesnt make sense half the time, £500 odds for insurance on a sierra rs cosworth for me yet its costs £1243 for insurance on an escort rs turbo ????
dont talk to me about bloody car insurance, my lad is taking lessons at the mo, so we thought we'd stick him on ours so i could take him out.................£4000 oO was the quote, what the f., we dont want a car as well, just the insurance.
Is there a difference in the market value of the two vehicles? Or total mileage on each vehicle?

Have you made any claims this year, or gained any driving offence points, that were not accounted for in the previous quote?

Have any other personal circumstances changed?

Is the insurance quote from a broker (who used a different company for the previous quote) or from an insurance Company direct?


Not as bad as a cancellation fee of £3k...
I recently had to pay £62 on my new car because i can no longer stay on the student policy. Albeit the car is brand new but my policy runs out in 3 weeks. I wont be using them again thats for sure.
theres been a big rise in insurance premiums recently. my freind used to pay £1100 on a 1 litre polo when he was 19 and now hes 20 they want £2500 on the same car!
I got a quote today from eCarInsure (or something like that). Went through all the trouble of putting in loads of details - getting constantly reminded that anything I don't disclose is fraud and will land me in hot water. Anyway, they gave me a quote of £1,400-odd. The site stated that they are very confident that their quote is very competitive. (Last year, I paid ~£200 and there's been no change of circumstances bar an extra year older and wiser +1 ncb). They had their own broker search facility where they could get more multiple quotes from other companys - although again, it stated, "We're very confident that out quote will be the best, but feel free to try..." So I did. The cheapest quote came to roughly £325! Their original quote of £1,400 was by far and away the highest of the lot.

I think they need to re-think what 'competitive' means in the context of the consumer.

Bunch of jokers.

they are, I sent a complaint to admiral, no reply after 24 hours so have … they are, I sent a complaint to admiral, no reply after 24 hours so have now sent a letter to the FSA to look into ithello, I have sent an email to Admiral car insurance but am still awaiting a reply.My car insurance was due around March this year to which I paid around £400 for the year.This was for a Vauxhall Omega 3 litre, Group insurance 16.I have since sold the car and bought a new car, to which they have charged me £38 extra to pay.The new car is a Fiesta 1.4 litre, £30 a tax year group insurance 6.Can you please look into this matter as the insurance should be near enough half not more.Thanks

Not some sort of standard admin charge for changing cars??

Not some sort of standard admin charge for changing cars??

That's what I was thinking.....
Will be an admin fee, they are feckers for it. Charge u for spending 30 seconds printing your diff details
Insurance is based on risk and whilst the grouping may be lower on the two cars, the Fiesta is possibly a higher risk. It’s more attractive to a 12 year old scrote to break into and drive off with than a massive boat like an Omega.

Secondly, if you’re adding a new car the policy in place of the Omega then they’re going to charge you some sort of admin fee for the mid-term adjustment.
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