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    i'm thinking of buying some stuff from Halfcost but having looked at some of the item pictures i'm not sure whether to or not. none of the items in thinking of buying including the playboy photo album seem to have labels on - is this just for the picture or does their stuff not come with packaging, labels, etc

    i'm looking to buy for christmas presents so this would be a problem as they won't look new

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



    i brought from them last year for xmas pressies and brought a load of stuff a few months ago some good bargins to be had all my stuff came with packaging and labels x

    also your aviator is WICKED!!!!!!!!

    i ordered sunday arrived today , use ff15 at checkout 15% off

    have ordered loads from half cost and they have all been packaged well and all items had labels got some bargains for christmas gifts. although you should check your invoice/receipt when you receive your goods as i have had to query every order i have received if an item is out of stock i have had to ask for a refund I also received someone else's goods once and they tried to tell me that i had ordered what they had delivered!! apart from that.........the hassle was worth getting the stuff i got at the price i paid. They don't have a great rep for customer service as they are the same company as ace and studio

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    also your aviator is WICKED!!!!!!!!

    ha thanks lol

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    cheers for your comments everyone i'm gonna get ordering!


    I have just placed an order today, used them a few times before and not had any problems. They do take about 2 weeks for delivery in my experience, but other than that I havent had a problem

    hi i got an order delivered a couple of days ago, a ben sherman shirt and peter werth jumper for under 16 notes delivered!!! both were as you woul dget from absolutely anywhere else, thoroughly recommend them!!!
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