HalfMania and other refferal schemes...

    I've just come across a scheme called Half mania

    It looks like one of those referralscheme jobbies, where you argee to trial products and services in exchange for free or reduced goods (I was looking for an XBOX).

    I was wondering, have any of you guys ever touched one these things?

    This one doesn't sound too bad, as it's up to you, you don't have to go begging other people to sign up, but they are extremely vague about what you actually have to do, until you've signed up.

    I'm a cynical sort who always thinks these things are a scam... what do you think?


    complaint from another site

    Not working site!Complaint Rating: 87 % with 15 … Not working site!Complaint Rating: 87 % with 15 website was included when i was searching other sites for ipods. The options were as follows:Choose 3 of the following offers (e.g., entertainment weekly, etc, etc, etc).Once these companies have verified that you have chosen their product, you are given credit. Once credit has been verified for all three products, you receive your ipod at 50% off.They have 90 days to verify and complete the transaction.My complaint is that when attempting to verify this, i am sent to a page that basically tells me i can not access information. Although i still have time until the 90 days has expired, i have a feeling that i will never see the ipod.

    Halfmania scammed me!I completed the two necessary offers for an iPod … Halfmania scammed me!I completed the two necessary offers for an iPod shuffle. I paid $45.00 ($40 for iPod + $5.00 for shipping) via PayPal on March 5, 2007. This is the only payment choice you get.A week later I checked the status which said: "Uh oh! Sorry, this item has been put on hold by Customer Service. Click here for more information." Clicking there does not give you any information; it just takes you back to the product page.I emailed them three times, but never got a response. I used the "contact us" button on their website; I replied to the email I got from them stating my product had been ordered ([email protected]); and I used the email address that PayPayl has listed as their customer service email ([email protected]). Gratis Internet is the company that payment is sent to when you click on the "pay via paypal" button on's website.I then found an address for them (, Ben Franklin Station, P.O. Box 14461, Washington DC 20044-4461) listed at the bottom of their Terms & Conditions page and sent them a letter. I sent it certified mail (USPS # 70053110000011602638), return receipt so I would know when they received it. According to the post office, the letter has not been picked up and has been sitting in their mailbox since March 23, 2007.My PayPal transaction details for this $45 transaction shows a phone number for Gratis Internet: 202.350.9919. This number rings 4 times then gets picked up by voicemail with this message: "The person at extension 719 is unavailable. Please leave your message after the tone." The message I left at this number has not been returned.In addition, the email address I registered with has been receiving about 20 spam messages every day. At first these messages had a link to remove your address from the sender's list. Now I have been receiving spam with no removal link. Also, much of the spam I am now getting is of a sexually explicit nature.This was a $45 lesson that not only is nothing free, it's not half-priced either.

    Joe Scaramanga

    I'm a cynical sort who always thinks these things are a scam... what do … I'm a cynical sort who always thinks these things are a scam... what do you think?

    I'm in the same group then, I get annoyed with all the referral links on Ebay and spammed on forums.

    Tons of people report it works, Looks more hassle than its worth though.

    stay away
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