halfords car battery - do they fit them ?

Posted 27th Jan 2010

I have a car battery that needs changing - I have a merc and to do it at merc will cost more but I heard halfords fit car batteries -

is this true and has anyone had any issues or thoughts about doing this at halfords or shall i just get the merc garage people to do it as its in fir a service anyway ?
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I think they charge £5 to fit.

Best thing to do is get a quote from Halfords (I think you can do it online, based on the make/model of your vehicle) and then compare that to the Mercedes garage price.

EDIT: Here you go


Or if you've got someone who can fit the battery for you (it's literally a 5 min job max) then ring round your local motor factors places for a price - they usually beat halfords / dealers by some way.
thanks midland for the quick reply let me do that now ....
Make sure you know your radio code just in case.
The local motor factors place I use will usually fit a battery if they arent too busy.
sorry for the silly questions , but where will i find the radio codes ?

Ive just had a look at the halfords website - the battery costs around 100 and if they fit it for a fiver , i think thats allright to pay - I wonder if I can buy the battery and get merc to fit it ...for free ....
Radio codes are often in the radio manual
hopefully the radiomanual is in the document pack with the owners manual etc ???

let me go check
thanks for the heads up on that
If the code isnt there you can ask dealer whether they can supplyit for you. Some have it on a database and will give you the code when you prove ownership others charge for the service.
They do in them adverts for Top Gear on Dave :thumbsup:
Take it to Halfords, they will keep a live feed to the radio while they change it, no need to worry about radio codes.

Take it to Halfords, they will keep a live feed to the radio while they … Take it to Halfords, they will keep a live feed to the radio while they change it, no need to worry about radio codes.

+1:thumbsup: This is what they did for me when they changed mine (the guy even mentioned it to me before I had time to ask him about it)
If anywhere local sells the battery cheaper, halfords will match it.
If you've got one near you, [url]www.eurocarparts.co.uk[/url]

Good value motor factors - though they won't fit it for you.
I wouldn't get the battery replaced at Halfords, I was in a city I didn't know but as my car needed a jump start each time to get it going and I knew where Halfords was I went with them. I had phoned them to make sure they could fit the battery because if they couldn't I'd be stuck there with a dead battery. After waiting 40 minutes for them they finally came out to have a go at it then eventually decided due to the custom non-standard design of my battery, they could do nothing with it - this is despite the fact the mounting was identical on pretty much all the VAG cars for at least nine years. The guy then walked off leaving me sitting with a dead car and wouldn't do anything to get it started.

I had to ask another customer to help me jump start the car while my workmate phoned round to find another garage who could take the car which he did and they had the battery changed in about five minutes.

£5.99 fitting for most products (baby/kids car seats no charge)
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