halfords car battery - website said compatible. Store said not compatible and sold me a more expensive one

Posted 21st Nov 2022
Wife's car battery is wearing out (had to jump start the car yesterday)

Went to the halfords website

Entered the registration and it showed 4 compatible battery options


Ordered the £76.99 one and booked fitting for this morning.

I had to go to work so my the wife took the car to halfords to have the battery fitted

Halfords staff said the £76.99 was not compatible (even though the halfords website had said it was)

They made her buy the £109 battery instead

If the £76.99 battery was not compatible, why did the website say it was ?

Have they taken advantage of my wife?
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    Is you car a stop/start? The cheaper one can’t be fitted to a stop/start.
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    My guess is it wasn't in stock and they lied to your wife
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    It's called up selling....
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    some of those Halfords stores are dodgy, maybe it’s the training, but they got my dad too
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    It'll be a case of multiple battery sizes being fitted to the same model of car depending on spec, and they'll have a policy to not fit a reduced capacity battery (which makes sense).

    Doesn't seem nefarious. Do you know what battery was fitted previously?
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    2 completely different batteries don't understand why they have them listed together.
    On eurocarparts it's showing it as a 096 battery so they have installed the correct version. But I'm sure Halfords should have there own brand at a lower price.

    Maybe a mistake in there site. Guess it should have been this version then Hcb013
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    First find out the exact battery your car needs, ie lead acid or stop/start agm or Efb.

    Put your reg in,

    select by plate number.


    Then check what they fitted and if the first one was right, or not.
    Then go back and ask for the cheaper one if was correct.
    Or refund of the difference.

    Should have checked first and saved the issue from happening.
    Also do you have an AA membership as you get q0% of at Halfords.
    I selected by plate number on the halfords website

    Ordered the cheapest

    When my wife got there, they said that the one on the website was not suitable, so £40 extra for a different battery
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    Ps I don’t trust any one or company that want my money
    I assume they are trying to rip me off.
    Old and grumpy that’s me.
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    You made the mistake of using Halfords and going to them for a spec of the battery for your car.

    Nobody should ever do this. What you should have done is get the factory spec for your car off Citroen initially. Then check the battery itself to see where the + & - terminals are.

    Tayna batteries and the battery megastore are two of the best online sources for car batteries in the UK.
    With Tayna, they deliver within 24 hours, fitting a battery is basically a 10 minute job at the very most on more or less most cars.

    You need minimal tools.
    Remove the Neg lead first ( the - ) then the positive. Refit in reverse.

    Halfords are just a load of untrained amateurs on cars.
    PS - I'm in trade xx
    thanks for the advice

    I am not in the trade but could do a battery change on a standard vehicle

    I had a look at a youtube video for the citroen grand picasso and it seems to involve a lot more dissably than for a standard car. (remove fuse module, air intake pipe and much much more - see video below)

    Hence my decision to get someone else to do it.

    I needed it sorted quickly (The car had to be jump started on Sunday) and Halfords seemed to be the only place where I could book somewhere for Monday morning

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    Halfords website can be hit and miss regarding what is compatible for your car.  I bought headlight bulbs based on their checker thing and they were wrong.  Had two go back and swap for different bulbs.  Best to check at a couple of different sites to make sure.
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    My guess is you've got the 2L 150 HP version which according to a couple websites takes the 096 so they have advised her correctly and the website is wrong.
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    The only websites I'd trust for getting car parts correct would be the manufacturers own website for the parts (for example Bosch for batteries). It applies for pretty much all parts now, the shop websites are shockingly bad. I've seen completely wrong brake parts that would never fit, coolant recommendations that were the complete opposite of what should be fitted, and following the thread of this post I've seen standard batteries recommended where AGM are required.

    Of course, the only issue with that is manufacturers don't spend much time promoting their own pages in Google, and the results are often a bit more suited for mechanics. So Bosch's battery catalogue boschaftermarket.com/xrm…pdf does show the correct battery for your car, but you have to know your engine number and year of manufacture.

    Once you know the correct part number, you can go to somewhere like Tayna or battery mega store to get them at a cheaper price. (edited)
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