Halfords Carrera Subway Bikes

Hi All,

I need a new bike, and have narrowed it down to the Carrera Subway 1, from Halfords. It has been 219 at Halfords for the last couple of weeks or so (since I've been looking) down from a RRP of 300.

Reviews online have suggested people have paid 160 ish for this bike in the sales at Halfords. I was hoping it would come down to that once the Boxing day sales started, but it has stayed the same. It was just the Apollo bikes that came down to 50% off.

I don't mind paying 219 for the bike, but not if it is likely to come down to 160 anytime soon.

Does anyone know if it is likely to please? Do Halfords drop the prices more on the Apollos first, and then the Carrera range? Or is this the lowest it's likely to go?

Any help appreciated.




I know it isn't much help to you if you're set on getting a new one, but you can get some pretty good deals on (sorry everybody) ebay. I never buy new bikes as they take a while to break in properly, second hand bikes will get you a better deal. At most you may have to pay for a service which is about £30, but it's worth it..

That is just my opinion of course....:)

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Thanks greggaiger. I don't know much about them though so don't know what's good and what's not. There aren't any subways in my size on there though, definitely none for pickup around northampton.

Thanks a lot for the advice though.
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