Halfords first aid kit £1...did anyone get one?

Found 5th May 2018
I ordered 3 first aid kits at £1 from a post on here. I got a cancellation email (only one, thin I had 3 separate orders). I've gone on Ebay to check and see what's going on. Halfords are up to something.

They've marked mine as 'collected' (now it's my word against theirs, as there is no proof that I haven't)
They've removed the item from sale. (this means that there is no way of contacting them through Ebay messaging, again no proof of communication).
As they've removed the product, I can't leave negative feedback, and I can't contact them via this route as the sale 'hasn't been completed' apparently (Ebay own words) .

The only way to content them is via Email. I will either have to go via PayPal or contact Ebay via chat or phone.

I know it's only £3,but I do hate being done .
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Oh well, better luck next time.
There there, stick a plaster over it and move on!
Dyslexic_Dog11 m ago

There there, stick a plaster over it and move on!

My order was cancelled and payment was refunded a couple of days later.
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