Halfords Brakes4Life - Free brake pads and shoes for life

Posted 29th Feb 2020
We have gone for this and it is genuinely a fantastic deal. As it says, buy one set of pads or shoes and the rest are free for life, no quibbles. It's also transferable so it is genuinely for life. We were a little wary about having this done at Halfords but they've been brilliant.
Their blurb below...

Our Brakes4Life offer is designed to encourage you to keep your brakes in good condition. Simply buy brake pads and shoes at Halfords Autocentres and you'll never have to pay to replace them again.

With Brakes4Life, you only pay for your first set of brake pads or brake shoes. We will supply and fit all future brake pads or shoes when you need them, free of charge.

This unique offer is transferable to all future cars you own - saving the average driver £1,600 over their driving lifetime!

How do I get Brakes4Life?Book a Free Brake Check to get started. Your technician will inspect the condition of your existing brakes and advise if replacement pads and shoes are needed. When you purchase your first set of brake pads and shoes from us you will be offered the opportunity to join Brakes4Life.

We will supply and fit your next set of brake pads or shoes when you need them, free of charge. You do not need a yearly service or check to maintain your lifetime replacement, although we recommend that you keep your car in good condition.
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    I can guarantee when you next go for a set of pads and shoes they will tell you your discs need replacing too.

    I was lucky I took it in for the 2nd set of pads but did not mention the guarantee.
    When they said it really needs new discs as well I told them I could not really afford that at this time and would they just do the pads. Reluctantly they agreed.
    When I collected and they issued me the bill I pulled my brakes for life guarantee out of my pocket. You should have seen their face. They said it’s not on our system? I said well I have the document here. Thanks I’ll have my car keys please. Goodbye
    Good, but what will you do next time? They must have you and your car's details now
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    From the Terms & Conditions:

    You must carry out all other brake repairs (to brake discs, drums, cables and hydraulics) found during an inspection or service within 10 days to continue to claim the free replacement.

    They will say you need new disks/calipers/brake hoses. Leaving you with big bills.
    I'd rather pay a garage you trust to sort your brakes.
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    Same as this thread: hotukdeals.com/dis…698

    Classic "bait" deal from Halfords. I hope it works out for you, OP. Play them at their own game - as emmatthew did.
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    Yep, Halfords, Kwik Fit and other car centres like them will rip you off , best bet is to get your own parts from a motor factor and take them to a local mechanic to fit... ask friends or relatives for a trustworthy mechanic though..
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    Small indie garage always cheaper and far better, ask around though one that you trust. The chains are a rip off targets etc
    In my experience, I've never had anyone try to sell me something I didnt need. The biggest difference was the hourly rate, which you can always ask up front
    Also in this sample of 1 my local quickfit done some work, and one of the independents was around £100 an hour.
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    They just wrecked me.

    I had break pads and discs fitted a year or so ago.

    I think I need my pads replaced now. Told me I didn't opt in at the time?
    It does say "you’ll be offered the chance to join the Brakes4Life scheme alongside purchasing your first set."....so guessing you didn't
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    Depends what you're driving but as an example, Brembo pads for VW 1KD code calipers (fitted to the rear of a lot of VW models, and even other manufacturers) are less than £20 at retail - sometimes less than £15.

    Assuming you get through two sets of pads for each set of discs, and that they can swap a set of pads in less than half an hour, they're making a calculated risk that you'll need other work doing, or you just won't get through pads that quickly.

    That said I'd be curious as to what they'd use as criteria for other stuff needing to be done. If your discs are badly lipped, or you've got a rust on the face caused by an obviously sticky caliper, then fair enough. If they had a little surface rust around the side circumference of the disc, not so much. (edited)