Halifax Card Fraud (Check your Accounts)

Found 17th Jan 2011
Just to make you all aware that I've just had my Halifax current account breached.

Just been on the phone to the halifax fraud dept because I've got transactions on my account which should not be there.

Queensland Theatre South Brisban AU shows and takes 0.18p then you get charged a £1.50 Debit Card Service Charge.

This is a test according to the fraud dept, after this they then take £15 in increments which show up as O2 Mobile then £60 upwards.

Just check guys because the guy said at halifax that theres about 400 people rang up today with these worrying transactions and they don't know how the fraudsters are getting the card details.

Halifax have said they will refund any charges (prob a good thing)
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I had this happen last year, they refunded it all and were very helpful. Doesn't stop it worrying you though!
give me your PIN number and I´ll get it stopped for you.
My Auntie had this happen last week. I'm keeping a close eye on my account. Thanks OP

My Auntie had this happen last week. I'm keeping a close eye on my … My Auntie had this happen last week. I'm keeping a close eye on my account. Thanks OP

Just out of interest which part of the UK does your auntie live? (just wondering if it's a thing happening locally or nationally)

I've had this happen today. Had my card blocked to stop them but yes they take 0.18p, then go up and up! Relieved not the only one as has caused great hassle having my card blocked but for the best in the long run!
In reply to Cartoonhead...my auntie lives in Herts.

In reply to Cartoonhead...my auntie lives in Herts.

Cheers scabbers, nowhere near me then (I'm up in Manchester)

Got my new card today, be worried because they have only changed about 3 numbers, although the start dates and end dates are completely different, however that said if it happens again then I'm closing my Halifax account a moving to another bank as I've heard too many stories about these problems all with Halifax accounts
Oh dear...I'm with Halifax. My auntie had money spent with The White Company on her card btw. I am checking my account every day at the moment,
I have just found these transactions on my EGG credit card.

19p taken then 16p returned a couple of days later.

Reported to EGG and they're looking into it.

That has happened to me too on Egg.

19p taken twice in the last few days, 16p now returned. Egg are aware and monitoring. Luckily nothing else has come through so far - hopefully they are failing the test.

I've only used my credit card once in the last year and that was with an online pharmacy. Perhaps they were hacked.
This is interesting. I googled this name to see what I found. I live in the USA and had a charge of .28 on my card. I called my cc company and they called the next day and said I had a charge trying to go through of $100+USD from a travel agency in Greece. I cancelled my card and had it reissued. The only place I can think of that my card was compromised is when I was in Mexico 3 weeks ago. I used it at a restaurant in PV and they came back and said their machine was broken and the card would not go through. I have no idea if that is it, but I will watch carefully for awhile.
Bump. Queensland Theatre also a problem with Lloyds (current account).

Any clues here? We have bought stuff from -> The White Company <- too. Don't use online pharmacys.

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well i have now closed my halifax accounts as i've had other problems with peoples accounts showing up in my online banking, and worst of it i could of transfered moneys from their accounts! so god knows if they could do the same.
When you go in the bank to tell them they just think it's a joke and laugh about it, so I've hit them hard and closed all my accouts, Current, Credit and Savings!

They wern't laughing when I went in and did that.

It took me ages to sort out the fraud thing, getting crime ref numbers and sending off forms! complete joke.

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