Halifax Online Banking - suspected forgery?

Found 25th Nov 2006
I wanted to check my bank balance at Halifax, I go to the sign in page and a thing appears saying 'suspected web forgery'

Is this the same for everyone and will it be safe to continue?
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What browser are you using? I can log in fine to Halifax banking, if in doubt close the window and open a new one. Make sure when you sign in that the url reads HTTPS and not HTTP.
also look for the little gold pad lock down the bottem right (next to where it says internet)
Mug, are you using Mozilla Firefox V2.0? I am using that version and yes, i'm since yesterday being shown a message from Firefox reporting it as potentially a phishing site too.

I have clicked on it's not phishing twice now, but still Firefox thinks otherwise. I've gone to Google for halifax, and the 1st hit is ]halifax.co.uk. The no entry symbol does appear, but when you login the padlock does appear. I'm keeping an eye out on transactions just in case.

Tis a bit worrying.

For the record, the url that is shown prior to signing in is:



Just rang the IT helpdesk, they're aware of it, it is a FIREFOX only issue. Either use IE, or just accept it is not a phishing site. An update will be applied as of Monday by Mozilla/Halifax

That's what I suspected, I get that message in Mozilla too. IE7 is fine though.
excellent, thanx for the reply guys, yeah i was using firefox was getting a bit worried. Think ill use IE, the no entry sign scares me.
Also it's best to type in the URL rather than clicking on a link, that way you know you're on the correct website ]http//ww….uk then continue using the links from their home page.
would'nt touch firefox.......with a big long stick
Welcome to HotUKDeals robbo32 and Thanks for the post FireFox is great, it's much faster than IE7 [for me]. But you might like Netscape 8.1 as it can be made to look/feel like IE and yet uses Mozilla the same as FireFox...

would'nt touch firefox.......with a big long stick

Any reason why?

For the record, Firefox does not now reply with a phishing warning to at least this Firefox user
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