Halifax Share Dealing

    Has anyone got one of these account?
    If so please can you answer a few question as I have stuggle to get an answer from their website and advisor.

    When I trade and select a few shares in different company say I want to buy 100 shares in 3 different company and sale 100 shares in 2 companys,
    will i be charged 11.95 * 5 (5 different companies make it individual transaction)?
    11.95 * 2 (1 buy transaction and 1 Sales transaction)?
    or will it be just 1 transaction?


    it's per share transaction so 5 i'm afraid , i know cause i thought it seemed ridiculous but when i call it is per share sale and purchase in each company!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks, something also interesting is they charge 1% on sales. 11.95 per sale but not sure as i have not called up

    off to Barclays then lolz.

    Halifax also run ] £10 a deal for a nominee account. They also have an account…ng/ buying shares from £1.50. portfolio builder or some such name.
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