Hall Of Shame

    I think it'd be a laugh to have a page where all the worst deals that have ever been posted are put.
    Hey maybe you can even include my desktop fan :giggle:


    I think every deal is a good deal to the person that posted it. The time and effort it takes to post - well they wouldn't have bothered if they didn't think it was worth it.

    Can see your point though

    Some of the vouchers I have posted, I do not think are that great. The reason I post them is so that someone who is about to purchase, and just checks here for vouchers first (As I used to), can use them.

    I usually say in my post if I think there is a better deal though (eg I posted cheap photos a few days ago, but said that there are a lot of deals which get you them free)


    All my old deals will be resurfacing!:w00t: :giggle:

    Might be a laugh, but might also be opening up a can of worms! ;-)


    Sort of a deal :Birmingham City & England football shirts for sale! Sort of a deal :Birmingham City & England football shirts for sale! Stainless Steel Solar Lights - Set of 10 £19.99 (save £60 - 75% off!) at Woolworths:lol: (Only joking Kels, They aren't that bad!!!!! :-D )


    I see pigs :w00t:

    Your gonna see stars very very soon :whistling: :giggle:
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