Hall of shame/loveliness* **

    What separates heroes from villains and what lies inbetween? What is the link? Is there a link?

    Dare you to take on and understand this fred.

    The more tenuous the link(s) the better, no rules.

    Tangents - fictional or real life, dead or alive, loved or hated, people or places, expressions or phrase, professions, anything.

    *This is NOTa random fred

    **Be mindful, stare too long into the abyss and the abyss will infact be looking back at you.



    Original Poster

    >>Michael Barrymore>>Barry George>>George Michael>>Michael Jackson>>Michael jackson fred>>Thread West>>Rose West>>Rose Tyler>>Sam Tyler>>Sammy Davis Jnr>>Steve Davis>>Steve McQueen>>Threaddy Mercury>>Pluto>>Mickey Mouse>>Cheese>>Wotsits>>All about?>>magic>>Bruce Springsteen>>Bruce Wayne>>Wayne Rooney>>Shrek>>Mike Myers>>Wayne's World>>Alice Cooper>>Mini Cooper>>Henry Cooper>>Muhammad Ali>>Kirstie Alley>>my sister>>Sister Act>>Acting>>Eduardo>>harsh punishment>>OJ Simpson>>Homer Simpson>>Brokeback Mountain>>chest mountains>>Jordan>>tacky>>BB>>Oasis>>Washed up>>Daz>>Darren Ferguson>>Alex Ferguson>>Red nose>>Rudolph>>Peter Schmeichel>>Piper>>Billie Piper>>At the gates of Dawn>>Dawn Tinsley>>Dawn of the dead>>Simon Pegg>>washing line>>on the horizon>>buses>>Stan Butler>>Al-thread>>Wayne Manor>>Slough>>Brunel Bus Station>>The Office>>Mackenzie Crook>>Pirates of the Caribbean>>Sequels were rubbish>>The Matrix>>Keanu Reeves>>Ikea>>ABBA>>Mamma Mia>>Julie Waters>>Billy Elliot>>T-rex>>Marc Bolan>>Rolan Bolan>>Roland Rat>>Kevin>>Costner>>Dances with Wolves>>Premiership>>Sky Movies>>Vanilla Sky>>Tom Cruise>>Penelope Cruise>>Penelope Pitstop>>Lewis Hamilton>>Richard and Linda>>Louis Theroux>>Paul Daniels>>Jack>>Alcohol>>Shane Mcgowan>>Fairytale of Newyork>>Matt Dillon>>Bob Dylan>>The Byrds>>Buffalo Springfield>>Neil Young>>Crazy Horse>>Redrum>>Jack Nicholson>>Nicholas Lyndhurst>>David Jason>>Threddy Vs Jason>>Threaddie Flintoff>>Thread Flintstone>>Barney Rubble>>Barney>>Jurassic Park>>Dinosaur>>Gene Hunt>>Pair of gene's>>£3 Tesco>>Clubcard>>Rick Deckard>>Rick Moranis>>Country music>>Hank Williams>>King of the hill>>Hillstreet Blues>>Robert Johnson>>Delta Blues>>Chuck Norris>>Dodgeball>>Vince Vaughn>>Michael Vaughn>>Michael Winner>>Death Wish>>Charles Bronson>>Michael Gordon Petersen>>Kevin Petiersen>>Stuart Broad>>Stuart Little>>[SIZE="7"]Stuart........?[/SIZE]

    If you guess correctly you'll be none the wiser.


    Are you ok, Rob? :thinking:


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