Hallmark Cards

    Anyone else ordered from Hallmark to then have them ruin a birthday surprise.

    Card ordered last Wednesday for a Saturday delivery, still not been delivered. Hallmarks head of B/s blaming the postal service. Yet all of the Moon pig and 1st class posted cards arrived on time or earler. Even with a promotional discount I won't be using Hallmark again.


    Get James Smith involved,call for a boycott.

    lol @ deb8z

    Dear Hallmark

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Your cards are ****
    Your channel is too

    Original Poster

    Well share the appears some!

    Sorry OP,a poster yesterday was calling for a boycott on Currys.

    lol just dont try to call them before you go..

    Never had any problems - always next day delivery - even the freebie ones that were on here a few weeks ago worth nearly £6 were delivered next day. Have you tried phoning or emailing them?


    lol it was one tell him...but Im going to comet tonight

    Hardly get any funny threads on ere anymore,it was a nice change

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