Halloween Costumes

    Just wondered if anyone had any good ideas for a Halloween costume for my 10 year old.

    Last year she went as corpse bride and won (thanks to hubby's great face painting skills and some old bits and bobs we found lying around).

    I'm a bit lost this year as she's been a punk rocker, medusa, tina turner and lots of others.

    I've been looking on other websites and this appears to be the 'costume/mask' of the year……053

    But I can't seem to get it in Uk - so any other ideas you have would be great - not anything that requires a week sewing though!

    Thanks in advance!


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    So everyone as stuck as me! LOL :giggle:

    My big sister did Beetlejuice for a fancy dress party once, that was pretty cool... there was a little sewing involved though...You know, the stripy suit thing? She found one in a charity shop which was perfect.

    well at least i know im sorted for halloween. i got the yellow bruce lee game of death jumpsuit.

    Yeah beetle juice looks good to me, was just going to suggest a tim burton character then remembered shed done corpse bride!

    Oh just thought of a good one, wednesday from the addams family

    When i was akid my mom put me ina black binbag, ripped tights , bizarre make up and sent me to a fancy dress party as a tart!

    The best thing about it was that it was held at my local Sunday school that my grandad used to take me too and i won a prize! (a box of roses!!) , i never thought anything of it at the time but looking back i wonder what my mother was thinking !

    Why don't you dress her as Jacob Marley the ghost off scrooge , we did a play on this at school (a million light years ago) and it looked really effective, with white make up and chains n that I'd post a pic for you but I'm useless!

    Personally, i think wednesday addams is a good option, as not to hard to do
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