Halloween outfit..! Pumpkin witch-doctor, need assistance.

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Found 30th Oct 2009
Hiya, I've got two small pumpkins which i may use as part of my outfit to be a pumpkin witch doctor.. trouble is brain isnt being awake enough to think of ideas..

So.. a few things I would like to achieve:
1) Stick and pumpkin as a staff for a witch doctor - What deco shall i put on the stick that wont fall off? I was thinking use the pumpkin as a head, and leaves stapled on, (so going to fly off!) yay or nay..?

2) a poncho rag type thing which covers most of my arms, body and partly legs, where do i get this from without having flees on it? I was thinking destroy an old drying towel, but that may not be big enough....... and it might be little thick, possibly hessian? dont know where to get hessian from.. does B&Q have it?

3) head/neck accessory - right, i was originally carving another pumpkin for the head accessory, but that may turn out messy.. very messy.. on my head..! so alternatives? I have facepaint so if all out fails i paint my face and spike my hair......

I dont really want to spend much money in party shops etc because its quite expensive, and its tad unoriginal..

Ideas, photos, suggestions are welcome..!


Pound shops do sheets of halloween type stickers to decorate your stick. Wool on the pumpkin for hair? What about a brown or coffee coloured sheet for your poncho? and as long as you dry out the pumpkin for your headress it should be fine.

Original Poster

Wool is interesting..! sheet is also interesting too..! im going to argos and they might have some sheets i can destroy for not alot.. great..! Dont have £ shop near me v annoying that..

My pumpkin is still fresh atm, uncarved lol and im going tonight..! might get working on it now..........

Thanks! Repped!

Further development of ideas welcome..!

Edit: Found this - argos.co.uk/sta…htm

Cant believe im using 300 thread for rags... lol

Then you could get some white sticky labels and cut out bone shapes maybe, you could line the pumpkin with a cheap shower cap
a flat sheet would be better, do you not have an Asda or Sainsburys nearby? ...they both do a basic bedding range, or maybe a fabric shop ?

For loads of ideas try here


or Google free pumpkin templates. :thumbsup:

Use "Snee Glue" - looks awesome.

Very cheap in Wilko or available in any DIY store
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