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    A while ago my daughter asked if she could have a Halloween Party and at the time it seemed like a good idea! Problem is, the nearer we get to the big day, the more I am worrying how to keep em occupied for 4 hours!! There will be ten 12 year old girls and my nephews (12 and 9). Any ideas on entertainment? I have got some Buffy DVDs, they are doing "horror make up" (so no apple bobbing cus it will ruin all their good work!) and various party foods. (They AINT going trick or treating cus I dont like that).
    Any ideas would be appreciated..............desperation is starting to set in now! At 12, organised party games are probably a "no no ", but there has to be something that they can do apart from dance, giggle and gossip! (which is what all 12 year old girls seem interested in!)
    I would like it to be the party they all talk about in school but for all the right reasons, not the wrong ones!



    doughunt competition - tie ring dougnuts onto a pice of string and attach either in the garden or with a sheet underneth and attach either ends to chairs or something, then they can all stand or kneel underneath and arms behind there back see who can eat first !

    worm eating comp - get some liqurice shoe laces and see, again with out using there hands who can eat them the quickest !

    feeling scary things - place items in boxes and get them to put there hands through and guess what they are, eg jelly with bugs in, toy snake, cotton wool, spagetti branes,

    halloween pinata

    they could make toffee apples and decorate them

    have fun x

    place a lemon in a bowl of water. leave them the challange of whoever can balance a 50p on the lemon by the end of the party wins a suprise. that way they can keep having a go in between other things you've organised, and nobody will actually be able to do it.

    it's impossible - i used to raise a lot of money for charity that way - telling people it was 50p a go and if they did balance it, they won all the money in the bowl (regularly cleaned the bowl out!)

    I bought Men in Black I & 2 - I'll bring it round.

    It's a bit childish but good fun - you could do the Mummy race (you've always got loads of toilet rolls)

    Pass the Orange - under chin game

    Push the peanut (or other small object) - Give each player a toothpick and a peanut which is still in the shell. Placing the toothpick in their mouth, they have to use the toothpick to push and roll the peanut from the starting line to the finish line. This game can be turned into a rely, but do not make the distance between start and finish too long - it is a slow race

    Gross Box - Decorate shoe boxes and cut a hole large enough for a hand to get thru in the top. Mark the boxes with "what is inside" and place certain objects inside that will feel like the objects marked on the box.

    * Eyeballs - Peeled grapes.
    * Guts - Oiled spaghetti. (vegetable oil)
    * Skin - Oiled soft flour tortilla. (vegetable oil)
    * Teeth - Unpopped popcorn.

    Sending you a quiz - I'll leave you to guess the answers

    You can still do bobbing for apples.......use shredded paper or beanbag fillers instead of water. I did this at a party couple of years ago as I didn't want the younger children messing about in water.

    If you can stand the mess then fill a smallish bowl with flour, tip it out to make a mould (a la jelly) and put a 10p on the top. Get them to bob for apples and then before they dry their faces get them to pick the coin up with their teeth.....loads of mess but fun....

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    Thanks for all the ideas- plenty to work with there!:thumbsup: Rep coming your way evryone who replied!
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