Hallway walls - breaking into two sections

Found 27th Apr 2009

I recently removed dado rails from my hallway walls (it was about 30 years old and looked very bad - all painted over/falling to bits etc). I patched/smoothed out the gaps where the dado rail was removed. Since then I have painted it but it clearly shows the about 2 inches width line all the way on the walls where the dado rail used to be. So it seems I must either put up new dado rails or something else in place of it, i.e. divide the wall again in two parts.

The questions are:
1. Do people still use dado rails (I haven't seen in anybody's house yet)? Pretty difficult to cut at the correct angles on the stairs etc :-(.
2. Can I use a border from a DIY shop to hide the 2 inch wide line going horizontal on the walls? Would a border without wall paper look good? Obviously, putting up a border would not only be cheaper but easier as well.
3. Are there any other 'modern' options instead of a border/dado rail?
4. I can just about do diy & would prefer a cheaper & easier option as a replacement for a dado rail?
5. Any other suggestions.


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yes a border will look ok or you could get your wall skimmed
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