Halo 3 legendary

    Not so much a deal , persay, but does anybody know if this is in stock (for preorder) anywhere?

    Or have I ended up leaving it too late?


    As far as i know're too late....

    However from what i've read...this edition will only be available to national chains eg...Game & HMV etc...

    And that preorders have stopped being taken due to no confirmation of stock availability....hence why i'm hoping to pick one up in store on release day...

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    I thought I could get one from Dixons, but they're out of stock (but don't tell you that until you try adding it to the basket)

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    £64.99 from pcworld but use the 5% off voucher … £64.99 from pcworld but use the 5% off voucher

    Out of stock

    Oh my bad oh well too late then

    I have one on pre-order at Amazon, but like an idiot, I ordered it with cheapo delivery, so it'll not arrive until after the release date (by about 5 days! eek!), so I've ordered the regular version on so I can play it straight away.

    But it means that I have a spare copy, if Amazon come through with it, which they might not.

    If you are interested then pm me.

    Does the helmet fit a cat?


    Does the helmet fit a cat?

    There's only one true way to find out...:w00t:

    went to my local blockbuster game (ashton under lyne) and asked about pre orders thay had 7 left yesterday 15/9/07 not sure weather thay post them or its collection only you can always ring and find out the number is 0161 343 7146
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