Halo 3 odst xbox 360 Cheapest

    My boy would like this game, have seen it for £29 something, does anyone know if its cheaper anywhere else? Rep left for help, Forgot to ask if anyone has it and wann'ts rid of it, as long as it's in good condition. iI might be intrested. Ta


    £29 is about the cheapest at minute (New) as you have seen for yourself.

    Only really worth having with both disc's

    It's only worth around £26.99 which is what I paid for mine. A price drop will occur for this game shortly especially with MW2 so close now + some other games due out shortly (forza 3)

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    I have a copy here if you are … I have a copy here if you are interested

    Thanks, but am sure he will want both disc's:roll:
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