halo 3 pre-order

    whats the best price online or offline? im thinking about getting the one with the halo head...anyone know where i can get some decent pics etc from and the best deal??

    cheers buddys


    PC World have a few reasonable preorder offers, but I think they will make it delivery only adding £4.95 to the cost…077


    Im going out on the day and buying it

    If you think about it the stores ((Games)) WIll have so many in stock

    It seems the cheapest is ]Game using the ]£5 off £30 code 'SENSE' and it's free delivery.

    i preordered from blockbusters and got a free rental (game or movie), but you need to put down a £5 deposit which is taken off when you go to collect it

    when does halo come out??

    26th of september

    i was in GAME today and what ever games come out at the end of the week i heard the assistant say to the manager that he just spoke to some1 in choices and they have been give the go ahead to sell them from today then the manager said he was going to call head office to see if they can sell thiers

    not sure what new realeases they are but this might help some1 out :-)

    i doubt they will as GAME are a very "by the book" kind of company



    i doubt they will as GAME are a very "by the book" kind of company

    With the law they are not

    Original Poster

    thanks guys....i know there will be no problem getting it on release day but its my bday next week and thought id pay for it in full

    even if they are by the book choices still put theirs on sale

    well i'm just going off what my brother told about when he worked in game and i imagine it changes from store to store.
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