Halo 3 starting to appear in UK stores

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Found 15th Sep 2007

Many rumours and reports are coming in from various forums and sources that copies of Halo 3 are being sold at Comet store chains in the UK. More updates on this particular topic coming soon!

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well the games only comming out in about 10days, going to be ***** IMO lol

really? Man, if this rumor is true it will be great!

Bit vague, could do with a bit more detail to try and give an impression as to how reliable the information is.


yeah id like to know more bout this too.
if they are do you think theres a chance there would be any in stock at my local?

Not a chance..... good marketing ploy buy comet to get people in their stores though.

anything more bout this

No way would MS let them break the sales embargoe for their biggest selling Xbox game. If its happened its due to a major mistake by a sales assistant - either that or they sold it to one of their mates who came in the shop....

i got one from my local comet and its awesome.

just kidding, if i did there would be mayhem. lool

Wow I wouldn't try buying it from Curry's online:



Wow I wouldn't try buying it from Curry's … Wow I wouldn't try buying it from Curry's online:http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/search.do?n=0&searchTerm=Halo%203

:-D what a bargain!

Yeah I was going to post it as a hot deal but I thought nah I'll keep it to myself, it's too good to share.

And I thought GAME was expensive!
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