Halo 3 - Team Doubles

    Back on XBOX 360 Halo, my fave game. Got a new account as sold old account. Looking for generals or high level players to play team doubles with. Thought id see if anyone on hukd is a good player.

    I am a previus 50 rated player, just played 2 games of doubles on my own now and won both only dying once or so.

    so if this interests you reply!



    Shame i dont have live anymore - whats ur GT i wanna check you out on bungie. i am a 50 in doubles previously also.

    Great game!

    Original Poster

    Previous gamertag:…g=0

    Sold it to someone on ebay, think a lil kid got it now lol

    one i made earlier (present one):…g=0

    yeah i dont have live anymore, just using up the free gold accounts on the cnsole.

    im captain grade 2 lol

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    im captain grade 2 lol

    lol add me il play some team slayer with you, my GT is 'uvirg1n'


    lol add me il play some team slayer with you, my GT is 'uvirg1n'

    sorry dont really play halo 3 lol im into the call of duty type games now so i suck at halo dont play it at all
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