Halo 3 Update - New achievements on tuesday

    heres a link about it.…tml


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    The folks over at have given an exact date for when the second Halo 3 title update will go live. Like other patches, this update will automatically prompt you for a download and install itself when you log on after it is live. Once you have the update, you'll get a host of new features, including playlist ratings and achievements. All but one of the new achievements will be available on September 23. The last will be ready for you to earn on September 25, the anniversary of Halo 3. To go along with the happy changes, Halo 3 will have its playlists shuffled when this update goes live. will also see a number of changes. Head on over to the Halo 3 community site to get the full rundown on what's new in terms of stat tracking and display.…tml

    i wonder what the achievments will be

    all the achievements are out already arent they?

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    the dandy p;3020382

    yep … yep here: thats not all of them is it lol

    ive done all of those over 100 times easy

    Oh right i havent downloaded the new maps yet.

    Yep they look REAL EASY!

    do you unlock anything new?

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    Yep they look REAL EASY!do you unlock anything new?

    ooooooooooo didnt think about that im not too sure.

    yo the update is ****

    theres now 79 achievements

    Nah the ranking system ain't all that I h8 it

    I now hate Bungie.
    They release new achievements and an update coz they know they are losing members and money.
    New achievements mean we have to have the Legendary maps and the yet-to-be-released Mythic maps if we want all of the achievements, resulting in us spending lots of our hard earned money for things which are worth 0G!

    Rant over.
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