Halo Encyclopedia any good? Halo bed covers (anything halo tbh!)

My lad loves Halo and i was looking at some of the books on offer, i'm after something that basically has more pictures than words as he's only young and was wondering what is the best i could get him for chrimbo?

I've stumbled across this but at 29.99 i'm a bit reluctant in purchasing it as it doesn't give too much away/




I'd expect the games included at that price!

Got a link? Sounds very very expensive!


If nothing else.... its cheaper ]here. Im sure it can be bought cheaper too.

£19.50 seems to be cheapest at minute with a possible 5% quidco

or try some of these vouchers marketing.whsmith.co.uk/ima…pdf

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Thx for the replies! yeah looked on Amazon and it's the same price as WH Smith's, guy reviewed it and he said:

'an interesting, informative read full of stunning illustrations and diagrams sure to satisfy any 'Halo' aficionado...' --The Independent, 23rd October, 2009

Hmmm sounds ok, actually might go and have a look in Smith's, thx again

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Guys just updated my thread, does anyone on here know of any where that sells Halo bed covers, t-shirts or anything a bit different? little nick nack's etc?

There's quite a good Halo 3 t-shirt that reads "While you're reading this T-shirt, we're in your base stealing your flag":


There's another version with just the two flags as the background which I can't find but I thought it was quite funny. I liked HMV's Grunt t-shirt as it doesn't have the Halo logo obviously on it but any Halo players know what it is although on the other hand my workmates thought it looked like a gimp mask(!):


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