Halo ODST 360

    Hi Ive just received this game and a mate of mine tells me it should come with 2 discs, is this right as iv inly got 1 disk inside.

    Hope somebody can clarify this for me.

    Thanks in advance.


    it sould have 2 disks where did you buy it from

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    Just got told by another mate that everything is now on 1 discs so thought i would check with my friends at Hotdeals to see which one is true

    i dont think the can fit it all on one disk because of space is their a multiplayer option on the first disk?

    should be 2, one for ODST, one for halo 3 mp


    Mine came on 2 discs - the 2nd disc has all the multiplayer maps... Do you have these on your single disc?

    Open your Disk box, Now where you put your Cd the case there is a protruding part the CD hole goes into look there to see if it has the number 2 on it. If it does then you are missing a disk.

    Was it the Playtrade part of you bought it from and did it come sealed.

    which disc did you get? maybe someone kept the other disc to continue playing the reach beta
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