Halo Series 1,2,3 Series

    I've looked everywhere for Halo 1-4 (not including reach) but i cant seem to find it, i dont know if it actually existed but even if its being done as an unofficial deal for all 4 as a package i'd be happy ... so if anyone comes across something like this or are willing to sell there copies let me know


    There is no official Halo Box Set. Let me break down for you all the games which do exist in order of release though...

    Halo - XBOX Original (not xbox 360)
    Halo 2 - XBOX Original and PC
    Halo 3 - XBOX 360
    Halo Wars - XBOX 360
    Halo 3:ODST - XBOX 360
    Halo:Reach - XBOX 360

    Rumour has it Halo 1 is being remade in HD and released onto xbox 360 this year also...

    im selling the halo collection on gumtree…tml
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