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Found 31st Jan 2009
I've seen the Hama beads at my sons local nursery, He is 4, I know it says from 5, but he is very sensible when it come to things like putting stuff where they shouldn't go!
What are people's thoughts on buying him some? would he get any joy from them, and are there any cheap deals around. Don't want to spend alot if he doesn't like them.
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I would buy them if you feel he wont do daft things with them! my eldest son had all these kinds of things at age 2 as he never put things in his mouth...age 5 is just a guideline...and its also because motor skills maynot be developed enough at age 4..

my daughter is 4 and she loves them we all sat down as a family and didi them they r great fun please may u let me know if u can buy them any where i know argos do they not much

they come in 3 sizes..
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They do differents sizes for differents ages


i'm sure it'll be fine, as you know your son..:thumbsup:
Ikea do a cheap version of the beads too-but you don't get the tray thing-so buy an Hama set for the tray and when you need more beads go to Ikea !
Agree with above, you can get them in different sizes in toysrus for small hands but as long as you iron them straight away, they're great for all ages. My Kids love them - ages 2 and 10.
That looks like a girly product, you want him to turn out gay? :lol:

Don't leave him alone with them is all I would say, not even for 3 seconds
not better off with a little "village in a bag" from the likes of oxfam?

far more creative
What about trying aqua beads or bindeez? A similar thing but instead on ironing them together you just use water so a bit more "small child" friendly. The only problem I would say you might have with the hama beads is that they are tiny and REALLy fiddly, my 7yr old daughter is fine with them but my 3yr old sends them flying al over the place, and we've got most of them on the board only for her to stand on it by mistake and lose them all, hence why she's getting bindeez for her birthday instead!!
My daughter has these and my son (then 3yo) liked trying to do them but found it a bit hard so I bought him a 'maxi' pack which are larger beads.

My son is not usually one for 'sitting down' activities but he will have a go with the beads every now and again. He prefers making his own patterns rather than following one out of a book so you may find it better to get a couple of square boards
B&M sell harma kits
they are great fun it will help promote fine motorskills
thanks for everyone's help.
tesco do a version of hama bead also alot cheaper
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