Found 22nd Jul 2007
Over publisised? I think so. Its on the majority of the Sunday papers, but they seem to be saying its either 150mph or 175mph

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Looked quick!

[SIZE=2]Wonder if it will shake his confidence on race day. Must play on the mind, wheel falling off and stuffing it in the barrier![/SIZE]

If he was travelling at 175mph, than im a monkey's uncle! He went through 80m - 100m of gravel. That stuff seriously slows you down. I would say he was going around 100mph - 130mph.

Now this is a proper crash...


I just believe it was done on purpose I mean come on how do you forget to put a wheel on correctly? Clearly somebody wanted him out the race!

Yeah it was Alonso who put the wheel "on"!!!


Yeah it was Alonso who put the wheel "on"!!!

Correction who didn't :whistling:

That's why I put on in "'s"" It had to be on, but it wasn't on correctly!

What happens to the idiot that didn't put the wheel on properly?, Sacked?, Sued?

I'd imagine this will make him stronger, He will be chasing to the top 3 to prove himself even more.

Didn't they say it was a technical fault with the gun, so it wasn't the pit crew member's fault? So I'm guessing nothing will happen.

It was a technical fault with the gun?, Aren't they checked/tested?

At least snap-on tools have a lifetime warranty I suppose!!

You can tell something was wrong as his 'car' suddenly stopped turning around the bend - was a lucky crash to say the least tho.

What a crazy race!!!!!

The Crazzee Germans!

Me thinks turn 1 is the place to be :lol:

I had to laugh at the fact that it just seemed to be a new car park at the side of turn one with what seemed like hundreds of cars gliding (some gracefully, some not!) into to gravel pit! I wouldn't like to have been Button as he jumped out of his car for dear life! What was lucky was the car than span off into the tractor! That could have been very nasty!

Fair play to Lewis to keep the car going, although that doesn't seem to be anything special according to the commentators, but still!

Come on you Spykers!!!

What was funny is that liuzzi nearly took out he safety car out, then hit the tractor

Didn't know who that was! Forgot he nearly took the safety car out! The SC was chancing it though, going ever so slowly, then putting the pedal to the metal and dodging the F1 car! Hopefully there would have been a spare SC! Otherwise, what would have happened then? Paula Radcliffe having to run infront of the cars?!

Alonso sunbathing! Looks like he is enjoying the "break"


What was funny is that liuzzi nearly took out he safety car out, then hit … What was funny is that liuzzi nearly took out he safety car out, then hit the tractor

The safety car actually sped up, Clearly seeing what was going to happen!

All very lucky to miss each other though, Could've been a lot worse.

And Hamilton is still in the game! :-D
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