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Found 21st Aug 2014
Has anyone ever participated in any medical trials here? My partner has been accepted to trial some anti depressants, was just wondering if anyone can give me any reviews or anything?
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What phase trial is it?
I have only ever volunteered for trials were there is a possibility of access to new medications to treat my condition. I have a degenerative neurological disease. The only other reason would be if they are paying you (for me that would have to be a large amount of money as i have seen first hand some of the side effects people suffer on these trials) or if you are generally a community minded person.
Have you ever seen the film

Prozac nation

It is on netflix
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Since I have seen the side effects of anti depressants on a member of my own family, avoid.
if your partner wants to go ahead make sure you read up fully on the company doing the trial and that they have adquate liabilty insurance if anything goes wrong

you remeber the people who where seriously ill have they partook in medical trial a few years back and they had to loose some of their fingers and other body parts due to the medical trials
Thanks everyone for your help, we've decided not to go through with it =]
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