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Found 28th Nov 2007
in need of a cheap hamster cage, or hasmter cage starteer kit(you knoe cages witht he sawdust n food n like a pack) gicing my neice a hamster for xmas so need a cage for under 15 quid, but not just a borring square one?? i dont live near an asda or tesco does any one know if they hav, or would i get a cood 2nd hand on from ebay?

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do you live near a wilkinsons?
they have some cages and accesories at really great prices...

Pet shops seem to overprice all of theirs so best avoided...

if your happy with 2nd-hand ones then the best site to try is freecycle

Its a web-based group that offer items for free or you can also ask for items


not sure where you are but look for a local group, register and post a message asking for a cage....

Ive used this many times and have got some great cages for my pets and rescue animals...all for free!

if not try ebay but ask if the cages are in good condition as some are left to be desired...


Ps if you live near Brighton I could probably help you out with this as I always have spare cages Lol:thumbsup:
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