hand drawing birthday card 4 someone with autism they like pokemon? But which ones?

    Know nothing about pokemon are there like some main ones or something? Just going to resketch onto card


    How good are you at drawing? This is perhaps a classic image.
    I wouldn't bother with the character top left of the picture that is higher than the rest.

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    well i was going to do a weird mix or gorilla, pokemon and minions all his fav things lol so maybe just the characters down the bottom

    This will be much simpler to sketch out:

    You should definitely sketch - out of that image:
    Bottom centre pic
    Bottom right pic
    Person & Pokemon immediately under the word 'Catch'
    Pokemon to the right of the word 'All'

    And arrange them in a good looking way
    And perhaps copy in the pokeball from the image in my earlier post.

    You could then mix them in with minions
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    Something maybe like below. Credit to Goldprovip on DeviantArt (you can get loads of ideas from that site also)

    Credit to Emmshin

    If Minions where Pokemon - credit to OMKDrawings.

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    thanks everyone

    that sounds like a really good gift, I hope they like it, people have a favourite pokemon which can easily vary, the main pokemon from the cartoon is the yellow one pikachu, from the games you can choose one of three to start with, charmander a red fire lizard, bulbasaur a tortoise with a plant on its back, and squirtle which is a turtle that shoots water.
    a persons favourite generally is what they have played in the games, I choose charmander which evolved into a cool looking big dragon called charizard, that's nay fav.
    something with the main character "ash" and the three starters would be my bet, it covers the bases.
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