hand held hoovers

    my toddler makes such a mess when eating i want a decent hand held hoover, ive had the dirt devil, useless! i quite fancy a dyson but the only have 6 mins use time!!! any one got a decent one to recomend? and any bargins out there?


    the oreck-its small and you can put on your shoulder with a strap and its mains! you can buy the handheld one on ebay as people sell them. I think new you have to buy them with the oreck upright as a kit..

    I got the electrolux one on the link below a few months back, was a bit cheaper than this from amazon but they dont have it anymore.

    However it is fantastic, very very powerful not like the typical handheld cleaners, has a seperate suction cable stored on the side for tight places and is great for doing stairs including the upside of them rather than trying to do it with a full size hoover…=29

    The Dyson one is well worth getting-it can be left charging on the wall and 6 minutes is a long time if just picking up bits of mess-we have 2yr old twins and it really really helps!! Cant remember where we ordered ours but got it for around £84-worth a 'google'

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    ive found somewhere that has the dyson for £69 so i think i may risk it , thanks!

    hi can I ask where you have found the dyson at that price please? need something like this to hoover out my cars as parking is nowhere near my house and the amount I spend on the tescos garage hoover is ridiculous!

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    sure its on ebay, and theres a couple abit cheaper, found one for 59 99 as well, just typed in handheld dyson, cheers!
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