Hand Held Steam Cleaners - any good?

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Found 15th Jul 2007
I wonder if anyone has one, or experience of those hand-held steam cleaners and if so, could anyone recommend good and dismiss the bad please?

Might be of use me getting one i think, but would appreciate any help either way.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


I have a morphy richards one, almost like a mini vacum cleaner, cost £30ish from Argos. Called some sort of allergy model but not bothered about that.

Really good and excellent. Works best in kitchens and bathrooms, all the grease on tiles etc (I don't clean tiles very often). Great for all the kitchen units and stubborn marks. This makes very light work of it all. I only use it twice per year

Me and my sister bought it between us, not worth buying your own. Not needed for weekly use. It just means when you have a spring clean, it looks much better and far less effort. Surprisingly good for windows too.

Avoid small penguin type ones, water capacity too small (mine is 3 litres and last 30 mins). Can also get much larger and incredibly expensive ones. But I would be hard put to need anything more powerful than this for household use. I have not used it on mattresses etc, no real allergy issues.

Not seen any good deals on any lately. Think the morphy richards one is about £40 now

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Thanks for the reply
Is it this one you have? Sounds *similar" but not as good and £49.99 lol

Yes. Shocked at that price. Worth a good search to get a better deal.

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Lol, i figured you might be a little surprised at the cost
Thanks again, i'll see what comes up
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