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Posted 31st Jan 2023
Update 1
Smart bags are now restricted on Ryanair, easyJet, and BA flights after a rule change - check the info to avoid any travel disruption
There’s a lot to think about when planning a holiday or short trip - each airline has its own rules regarding hand luggage and will happily charge you extra if your bag doesn't fit within those limits.

The last thing you want before you jet off is to incur additional charges (and lots of stress) by not checking your luggage dimensions and weight restrictions.


I’ve rounded up the most up-to-date hand luggage information for a selection of airlines along with links to the baggage info so it's easy to double-check for yourself! Additional baggage allowance can always be purchased ahead of time if you need it - it's usually much cheaper to book it in advance, rather than to be charged extra on the day you travel

Please double-check with your chosen airline for the most up-to-date info before you fly, as rules can change. The links below should hopefully make it a bit easier to do these checks


British Airways Hand Luggage allowance

Cabin baggage - what's included:

  • 1 Cabin bag. Maximum size: 56x45x25cm with 23kg weight limit
  • 1 smaller personal item handbag or laptop bag up to 40 x 30 x 15cm including handles, pockets and wheels.

You can book flights here

easyJet Hand Luggage

Cabin baggage - what's included:

  • 1 x Small bag. Maximum size 45x36x20cm, including handles and wheels.
  • No weight limit, but it MUST fit under the seat in from

If you’d like to bring a large cabin bag on board (max. 56 x 45 x 25 cm, including any handles or wheels), you have the option to add this for an additional cost

You can book flights here

Finnair Hand Luggage

18/05/23 Finnair has confirmed that they would be introducing a new basic Air fare which no longer includes a free suitcase in the cabin.

In place from June 1, passengers will only be able to take a small bag: 40cm x 30cm x 15cm into the cabin, and this must fit underneath the seat.

Larger luggage measuring 55cm x 40cm x 23cm can be added at an extra cost.

You can book flights here

Jet2 Hand Luggage allowance

Cabin baggage - what's included:

  • 1 small personal item - such as a laptop size bag or handbag to be placed underneath the seat in front of you
  • 1 Cabin bag weighing no more than 10kg. Maximum size: 56x45x25cm including the wheels and handles.

You can book flights here

Ryanair Hand Luggage allowance

Cabin baggage - what's included:
  • 1 x Small Bag. Maximum size 40cm x 20cm x 25cm. This can be a handbag, laptop bag, or small backpack.

"Priority & 2 Cabin Bags" Passengers with Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, a Regular Fare/Flexi Plus or a connecting flight ticket can bring 1 small cabin bag which must fit under the seat in front of them (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Priority customers can also bring an additional 10kg bag on board which must fit into the baggage sizer (not exceeding 10kg and dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and will be stored in the overhead locker.

You can book flights here

TUI Hand Luggage Allowance

Cabin baggage - what's included:

  • 1 piece of hand luggage per person (excluding infants) weighing up to 10kg.
  • Maximum size: 55x40x20cm

Things like laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your 1 piece of hand luggage.

Check out the hand baggage allowances for other airlines:


Update 21st August: Ryanair, easyJet, and BA have updated their rules around 'Smart Bags' with built-in electronics. Depending on the airline, smart bags may be banned from both the cabin and the hold of planes

Please check with your chosen airline, about the most up-to-date rules.

  • Cabin - Allowed, but you must remove the lithium battery before putting your bag in the overhead locker and it must stay with you at all times.
  • Hold / Checked in - Allowed, as long as you remove the lithium battery and take it on the plane with you.

British Airways
If the lithium battery/power bank cannot be removed the smart bag will not be accepted onto the flight.
  • Cabin - Allowed if under 100Wh, but you must disconnect the battery, but it can stay in the bag.
  • Hold / Checked in - Allowed if under 100Wh , as long as you remove the lithium battery and take it on the plane with you.

  • Cabin - Allowed, you must disconnect the battery, but it can stay in the bag.
  • Hold / Checked in - Allowed, as long as you remove the lithium battery and take it on the plane with you.


Useful Links

Travel Tip - Click & collect airside at Boots Airport Stores (after security) to avoid luggage restrictions

Want to get a great deal on travel? Find all the latest offers on holidays:

If you're travelling in the EU then don't forget to get your Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) (GHIC) before you go. You can apply for this here

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  1. ss1612's avatar
    Please provide suggestions for small bags (not cabin bags) for low cost airlines like Ryanair, easyjet etc. and from where to buy.
    ibiza's avatar
    They check the size of your bag as you board, but also let you take on a bag from the likes of WH Smith airside, so you can use that bag for some things.

    Take two Aldi bags on the flight with you, as they never check them (presumably unless you make them look humongous). Use one as your small bag & have the other folded up flat incase you need it. If it's in your pocket, it's not weighed. Even just put your laptop bag & a pair of (filled) shoes inside the one you initially use. I tend to swap sandwiches to the airside WH Smith bag.

    Wear as much as you can to board. Once on, you can take your coat/layers etc off & put them in the Aldi bag/s , as they've checked the size already. Dont put anything breakable in the bags as you need to squash them with your feet under the seat Infront, or use the space next to you too if the seat is empty.

    If the flight is very cheap & you are likely to use both bags, buying the seat next to you can be considerably cheaper than hold luggage. It also lets you veg out a bit better. (This might not work now it you can't buy specific seats at low prices).

    If I'm going somewhere cold, I board wearing boots but swap into trainers, & the boots go in the bag too. Aldi bags handles fit nicely over the extending handle of my wheeled case.

    I normally pay for one cabin case & have the small free one, & that tends to be enough.

    It kinda became a game, & the largest thing sneaked on was two badminton racquets (which should be impossible).

    Before covid I flew often (only once to the canaries since), am a couple of pages from the end of my passport, and probably averaged about 16 flights a year (2/3s IAG & a third on cheapos where the luggage game largely takes place).

    I've never paid an excess baggage charge (but sometimes had hold luggage).

    Other advantages of doing this are you dont have to wait at the carousel, and your luggage is with you so can't disappear. More likely to get a taxi quickly too.

    The only potential downside is (other than Ryanair who tend to give priority boarding with paid cabin baggage), I tend to wait sitting/reading until I'm in the last few to board.

    Occasionally this means there's no space left for the larger cabin bag & it has to go in the hold (which then is free), but you're stuck with the carousel. So you need to figure out how busy the plane will be rather than sitting to the end if the flight looks packed & you dont have priority boarding.

    Leave the flight with massive bags & a bigger wallet/smile.
  2. floral08's avatar
    for people with kids, Easy jet also counts Trunki's as a small bag
  3. Alasdair91's avatar
    EasyJet has turned into Ryanair as of late, which is a shame as they used to be good. Their new bag policy is an annoying example of this. Lately, I’ve noticed very few people paying for Speedy Boarding (which was always an an ironic name) and as such, the overhead lockers are usually empty so why not just let people puts slightly larger bags in them for free?
    Chrry's avatar
    Because if they were free (near) everyone would bring a large cabin bag and then there wouldn't be room. Probably.

    Plus they want to make money.

    The answer to the inefficiency you mention would be to reduce the price of speedy boarding/large cabin bags so a few more people bring large cabin bags but not too many. (Buuut the airline may have done the maths and found that then people then don't buy hold luggage (having bought large cabin bags instead) see above re money)... (edited)
  4. Forgottenshopper's avatar
    Wish all the airlines would make their standards for Baggage the same..
    Aiadi's avatar
    They should actually be forced by law to do this. Passengers have a lot to deal with these days to need to worry about what bags goes into which flight. Absolute shambles.
  5. ockyjimd's avatar
    Use those vac bags for packing in a small case, fill them with clothes not air.
    johnptr126's avatar
    And how you gonna pack them again before flying back?
  6. Xippi's avatar
    I see the other side too - the shambles cause by people trying to cram their overlarge bags into the lockers and the cabin staff starting to confiscated bags for the hold as there's no more room inside. All takes time and causes hassle. As well as income generation there is a practical reason for limiting the size of carry on luggage.
    Luggage doesn't half bump up the headline cost of the flight (especially Ryanair!)so it's important to work through the booking and ending with your final price including luggage. Can be cheaper to add a single hold bag during the booking process.

    The game is simple - know what the rules are and follow them, or disregard them and prepare to take it on the chin if you get caught
    Xippi's avatar
    Update. Easyjet Bristol > Toulouse last Wednesday , they were checking the 'free' hand luggage of people without priority boarding. Some passengers happy - some definitely not. There are just no guarantees about when/where they might check
  7. Gtp75's avatar
    Who'd have thought BA would be leading the way!
  8. Motherfox's avatar
    Not sure if anyone’s mentioned (I did have a quick skim) but EasyJet do have a weigh limit for the cabin bags - it’s 15kg
    mudcat's avatar
    Yeah, noticed that was missed too. Think they changed that in the last year or so as previously didn't have a limit. If you're stuffing your bag with lots of electronics (laptops, portable speakers etc) this isn't too hard to reach 15kg (think I reached nearly 30kg once!)
  9. ultrak3wl's avatar
    Airline bags are a disaster area. I am sure the airlines do see it as a money maker but to be fair I've seen so many passengers outright taking the pickey with yuge bags they are trying to sneak onboard and then there is no overhead locker space left.

    Once on Lufthansa when no locker space they actually wanted me to sit with my knees on my chest and the bag stowed where my legs should be. And this was a full-price ticket paid for by work. Finally I think they realised could not get away with that and put my bag in the galley area.

    On very occasional trips I don't actually need to take any bag at all but this does not go down well and they have a security freakout.
  10. phil46's avatar
    I wish you could buy a cardboard sleeve to check hand luggage size. That would make things a lot less stressfull!

    Maybe all kids at schools should make them for there first metal work / wood work projects. (edited)
    pikachu545's avatar
    Have we now lost the ability to use a tape measure/ruler?
  11. McrRed's avatar
    I love that they will charge £8 to take a cabin bag out and £35 to bring it back. Sneaky buggers
    grant.evans's avatar
    I'm confused. who does this?
  12. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    You can carry on food (and duty frees) in a separate bag.
    Take a bag for life to the airport to fill with any meal deals and drinks you buy in the departures lounge. You don't have to cram those items in your single item of hand luggage.

    The same with any medication, most airlines should allow it in a separate bag.
    Check if you need a covering letter from your GP, especially for any liquids like insulin, and needles or other medical devices.
    Njay's avatar
    I've done the same and taken bag of stuff bought at airline on board and that was with no checked bags as I had 2 cabin bag seat and crammed a week's clothes into a max sized overhead locker bag and had a stuffed full rucksack too

    However they could actually refuse/charge for the bag containing the airline bought stuff if it doesn't all fit in your allocated allowance

    From those listed in OP, only TUI seem to make it clear

    "Things like laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your 1 piece of hand luggage"

    I.e. warning to leave space just in case or be prepared to pay extra for it (edited)
  13. Frugalstudent's avatar
    Thanks for this! Just to say, I've flown loads of times and have never gotten stopped due to backpack size. I've seen people board with really bulky bags and tbh I think Ryanair employees don't get paid enough to bother making a faff about it.

    That being said - if your bag is slightly oversized, you tend to get away with it easier when you have a laptop backpack instead of a travel rucksack.
    oranjuice's avatar
    Airport staff actually get commission/vouchers from each additional charge they apply so it is alway in their interest to catch passengers out. I find they are lenient over here but far stricter abroad. Where your bag may be accepted/ignored flying out, be prepared to be caught out on your inbound flight if your case dimensions to not comply
  14. StuieUK34's avatar
    any of u guys know if Easyjet are still purposely splitting people apart if you dont pay for seats ?
    I book 2 tickets for me and wife, but dont pay for seats...
    i'll check us in both online, and do a checked bag drop when at airport...
    Last i heard when people did this, was easyjet purposely split people up, and not to do with balancing the plane, etc
    craftycockney2011's avatar
    Yup they split you up if you don't pay for seat allocation. My 12 year old was sat about 5 seats away from me in Dec. It was only a 1.30 hr flight and tbh he's pretty sociable, ended up chatting to the passenger next to him about mma as he was a grappler.

    Most men in a marriage may want to take advantage of this system lool (edited)
  15. Cloudane's avatar
    Yep always check all the small print on stuff like this and measure. Went with Eurowings last year, it's fairly strict on their cheaper level (I think 40x30x15 but don't quote me on that) and it's surprising how tiny that is. I saw a few people getting charged and doing a lot of shouting - note, the German side is stricter than the UK side from what I saw so it might only be a nasty surprise on return.
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    They love rules in Germany.
    Cross on a green man, wait on a red man, even if there's no vehicle in sight for 2 miles.
  16. jansen.lebow's avatar
    im flying with hand luggage only with ryan air. theres no weight limit just dimensions limit right?
    ss1612's avatar
    Officially, there is a weight limit of 10 kg. But it may not be checked. But there's a limit.
  17. Gollywood's avatar
    Nice work OP

    Airlines like Qatar, Etihad and Emirates are also very popular. Their rules/regs would be handy.
  18. gary74's avatar
    EasyJet shot themselves in the foot with their hand luggage rules not been on them since as BA is now cheaper as wheel case is included and that's all we ever need - London Lisbon on EasyJet just hand baggage alone for 2 people is £80 not including the ticket price it's totally insane BA wins for us hands down
  19. Zk1988's avatar
    FYI with Ryanair it’s cheaper to add bags later in the booking process, after seat selection (if you don’t need seat selection that is), instead of selecting it on the first step (example below, £10 saving):

    Shab99's avatar
    Also, if you are travelling with someone and do not buy a seat each, after the booking is complete yoy can go back in. There will always be an empty seat next to one if you.
    So you can buy one seat
    You can look to buy a seat just over 2 hours before you fly. By then everyone will be checked in. There will still probably be an empty seat next to one of you (if the plane us not full) or 2 seats free somewhere else. You can then just sit in them. (edited)
  20. noobnoob's avatar
    Secret is to look like the kind of person who you'd be scared of confronting, easy walk in 99% of the time. Also can queue behind a rowdy group / family with kids running around, so staff are too distracted to pull you up over a bag. Also put your body in the way of the line of sight between staff and the bag
  21. shitas's avatar
    I've flown a few times lately (easyjet) and they are checking all them small pull along cases, I got lucky as I squashed it in but now I just use a soft backpack. Still put it into overhead locker once on the plane.

    If they just charged an extra £5 each way I'd buy it but most times its £25 or more
  22. bigpappa's avatar
    Who is best for transatlantic flights to the US? I remember the days of having two checked in bags.

    I seriously don't know how they can sell tickets to the US without checked in bags.
    TiscaliSurvivor's avatar
    Be ware if you fly BA and it’s actually an AA flight - AA planes are bleak, staff untrained and for some reason baggage only fits horizontally so gets full very quickly…
  23. 666bandit999's avatar
    Watch out for easyjet as unlike BA they split their luggage types. Paid for large hold case with easyjet for golf clubs as this is what’s needed for BA. Then discovered easyjet considers them to be small sports equipment. Rang up to upgrade and pay the difference but they refused, apparently it’s in their internal T&C’s but not detailed in passenger ones. Only option is to buy another sports item. I’ve a good mind to take an old large case full of bricks and then lose it at the carousel!!!

    Fortunately my job provides another means to get my money back in kind from them.
    alexc100's avatar
    This is just one of many reasons why I despise flying. At every turn there’s a challenge or complexity designed to trip you up and cost more money. It’s not even the cost that bothers me, rather the deceptive tactics used to profiteer.

    In your example, literally any other industry would be happy to let you upgrade for free rather than trying to con you out of more money through what is essentially an overly elaborate system designed to complicate what should be a very simple process (edited)
  24. ashmeet.kandhari's avatar
    Hi all,

    Quick question for Ryan air hand baggage Dimensions.
    I found this bag which is slightly bigger but in the comments they mention that it's allowed in Ryan air

    Inateck 40L Super Large Hand Luggage Travel Backpack Laptop Backpack for 15.6-17 Inch Notebooks, Flight Approved Backpack Cabin Backpack for Weekender amzn.eu/d/5…fch

    Did anyone experience this?
    kalajhatt's avatar
    Yeah they don't really check
  25. annette_murphy's avatar
    For info, just got back from Australia, Qatar have reduced baggage allowance for return flight. Used to b 30k now 25k
  26. ficler1977's avatar
    PLUS another bag with duty free shops as duty free shopping is ON TOP of your bag allowance on Wizzair and Ryanair.
    not sure about other airlines but definitely worth checking
  27. TheManFromAnotherPlace's avatar
    Just come back from holiday, NOONE on easyJet checked we had paid for our large cabin bag, going out or coming back and didn't weigh anything either (edited)
  28. MikeFisher's avatar
    Great post, got stung as wheels wouldn’t fit in the tray for EasyJet a week ago, £80 for two bags going out then £40 for 2 going back.
    thatscheap's avatar
    Should have just broken the wheels off the bags. Probably cheaper.
  29. samwants2save's avatar
    Really helpful post, ta op
    millarcat's avatar
    millarcat Author
    Thanks glad it's useful
  30. scallygally's avatar
    Yet the airport operators don't bat an eyelid when the 20 stone plus man & wife board the plane.
    c_1st's avatar
    What's a 20 stone + why'd it need a man & wife to board the plane?
  31. Korg7's avatar
    Hi all, flew last year with Easyjet and purchased one of those cabin max backpack things - fitted under the easyjet seat without issue (and I crammed it)

    We are flying next month with ryanair, I'm guessing the rules with size are more or less the same (as in, small backpack under the seat?)
    Chrry's avatar
    Certainly sounds like a question a read of the OP will answer.
  32. Bundybear73's avatar
    It's all nonsense. Airlines should be required to have a set rule across the board for this stuff for clarity if nothing else. Especially for people who find it hard to keep up with all the different standards. Many older people find it hard enough trying to deal with apps and e-tickets/boarding passes etc now. They don't seem to mind if you buy a shed load of duty free onboard

    Heat for OP efforts (edited)
    Ghostrecon's avatar
    This is the classical British way ; create useless rules to fine customers.
    They intentionally try to complicate things to confuse people so they lose money.
  33. raiden9566's avatar
    Thanks greatly for the post. Think everybody by knows by now it's all a rip off to get more money out of your wallet. Just had a holiday with easyJet and bought new luggage as the ones I had were too big for the cabin. Now found out as I am flying with Wizzair I have now got to buy more luggage to accommodate their bag sizes. If the same model of plane is used for Jet2, Ryanair Wizz etc and the hand luggage has to fit under the seat in front surely the the size under the seats must be the same. So why so many different Sizes??
  34. Korg7's avatar
    49464096-k620A.jpgAnyone here have the 30L Cabin max (bought for Easyjet) and tried it on Ryan Air?

    We bought the Cabin max's last year, and they fitted perfectly for easy jet (I proper crammed mine too). I've seen that Ryan air have a smaller bag size, but obviously with the bag being fabric, it'll be easy to squeeze in. I don't want to re-buy another bag! (edited)
    _g_'s avatar
    Far too late for you I'm guessing, but my partner did this and was fine on Ryan air.
    Don't fill it to bursting, of course.
  35. SILLYCLINT's avatar
    Sick of seeing this. Not needed at all.
    highdon's avatar
    I beg to differ. I was on a BA flight from Zurich on Monday night and the amount of cases and duty free shopping bags people brought on board was ridiculous. The people were quite rude towards the crew for not being able to stow their stuff away as well as if it was their fault. Totally unnecessary.

    They should do what cheap airlines do and decline entry or charge extra if you are bringing extra luggage or oversized luggage on board. It seems harsh but unfortunately it is needed when you deal with thick passengers like this. (edited)
  36. Felix_1's avatar
    They want us to make mistakes by inches and then charge us or make fuss at the airport and ruining the total holiday start by indulging ourselves in cms.
  37. net58's avatar
    The airlines playing unclear game rules, just like the car parking companies. It's become a joke, trying to catch unsuspecting customers/people out
  38. futura's avatar
    Why is this listed under the deals section, so annoying
  39. KeepForgettingPassword's avatar
    We are flying with vueling to Barcelona from Gatwick later this year and they allow one underseat bag (40x20x30 cm), they charge €14.50 per bag per flight for cabin bags (max. 10 kg and 55x40x20 cm) to go into overhead storage and €43 per flight per large bag (20Kg) in the hold.
    It looks like they charge a different price at booking time and later when you are checking in online for bags, worth investigating.

    If they catch you with too many bags or too big or too heavy the charges are steep:

    If your fare includes an underseat bag only and you carry a second piece of hand luggage that you have not booked, it will be checked in and you will be charged a fee of EUR 30 at the check-in desk, or EUR 40 at the boarding gate, providing that the item does not exceed 10 kg and 55x40x20 cm. If the underseat bag exceeds the permitted size (40x20x30 cm), it will be checked in and you will be charged a fee of EUR 30 at the check-in desk or EUR 40 at the boarding gate. If any of the pieces of hand luggage exceeds the permitted size (10 kg and 55x40x20 cm), it will be checked in and you will be charged a fee from EUR 70 at the check-in desk or from EUR 80 at the boarding gate. If you carry more than 2 pieces of hand luggage, each extra piece will be checked in and you will be charged a fee from EUR 70 at the check-in desk, or from EUR 80 at the boarding gate.
  40. CourseFinder's avatar
    I'm still impressed people take hand luggage (talking about the BIG ones! ) . I just take little backpack with necessities in case of emergency and big hold luggage that's it no hassle . You can see more than often people trying to take a hiking backpack (massive BAGS) as a 'small hand luggage' and then argue for 30minutes
    neilbaldwin's avatar
    Same here - that and Mrs' make up/cosmetics etc. means hand luggage only is a no go.
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