Hand luggage, whats allowed??

Hi i hope someone knows. Ive read direct gov site about what you can/cant take. However it mentiosn baby food but not food specifically. I want to take quavers and some maltesers or such like to bribe my 19 month old with if he kicks off. Our flight leaves at 7 am so hes laible to be grouchy w/o a full night sleep. Hes at that inbetween feeding stage, where he eats what hes in mood to eat if it requires effort.

However he will nearly always eat quavers as he rarely gets them as i tend to give baby snack type crisps. So wanted to pack in case airport dont have any. We flying from local airport ( cardiff) never flown from there before and been told no boots, which i usually rely on for whatever i cant get thru customs


yes you can take quavers and maltesers

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yes you can take quavers and maltesers

fab ty, will rep as OH swore blind i couldnt. Its for baby and wouldnt care what cost at airport but arther know i got them , than chance airport shop might have them at 4 am lol

is only liquids that are bannedbut baby liquids ok if its tested and drank by the mother through control

usually fluids that are taken if over 100mls, or sometimes dairy or meats

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thanks ev1, yupi know you can buy once thru. Just want to make sure i got bribes baby willl eat . Hes a good eater of baby tray meals but fussy over other stuff. Just gotten him to accept ice cream this week. So im chuffed least thats fattening and will keep him cool
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