Handheld Dyson DC34 Animal - HELP REQUIRED !!!!

Found 10th Nov 2011
Good Evening Guys,
Please can somebody help as i have a problem with my handheld Dyson DC34 Animal.
The Unit is only 2 months old and ive only used it a few times.
Basically when i press the "trigger" button for it to start suction nothing at all happens other than the buttons on "MAX" and the small light above it light up green (just as i think they do when the machine should be working).
Ive charged it up for plenty of time so it cant be that theres not enough charge on it.
Ive checked for blockages and cant see anything.
Ive emptied the bottom compartment where any waste is collected so its empty.
And ive cleaned the filter this morning and put it back in.
But still when i press the trigger button it just lights up green and nothing happens..............does anybody have one that may help me to get it working?????
Thank You.
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Dyson are brilliant for after sales service! I phoned them the other day re handheld animal dc31 motorised head, no arguments sent new one in the post! Excellent!
Just come off the phone and to be honest i was blown away with how good there customer services were - theyv talked me through what they feel needs to be done and if what they are hoping happens doesnt happen then they are sending me a new one via the post....AWESOME !!
Mine broke too but i found dyson to be too hasty to send a new one, design fault maybe?

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