Handheld Emulator


    Anyone tried one of these: -…950?hash=item33ca0b3bde:g:hiAAAOSwCU1Yv7It

    It has a card slot so I presume it'll run GameBoy roms? Any good?

    Probably no save feature though...


    link is dead for me but it's a PXP clone. It's just a arm based emulator. Most have sound issues but some and probably due to 50/60Hz differences or poor audio hardware.

    You probably get a better performance out of an old android device or a raspberry pi 3.

    Pretty sure only atgames bother to licence the hardware though

    Get a psp and add emulators, also get a pi 3 and use BuzzDuraband​ guide to get setup. SNM.

    Save your money and get a GPD

    Psp takes about 30 secs to flash and away you go.
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