Handheld PC Mini Usb Socket Adapter

    I've managed to turn my recently purchased Binatone B430 satnav into a pda (using miopocket 4.0). It has a mini usb slot that I want to use to plug in a wifi dongle. Does anyone know of a suitable adapter. I did find something on Play that may be suitable.…tml?ptsl=1&ob=Price&fb=0&searchtype=PCSH&searchsource=0&searchstring=USB+Mini+Plug+To+Type+A+Socket+Adapter&urlrefer=search&strefer=PCSH&searchfilters=s{USB+Mini+Plug+To+Type+A+Socket+Adapter}%2bc{420}%2b

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    Unless the mini USB port on the GPS is a USB host port and it specifically supports your USB WLAN stick (has the drivers for it integrated) it will not work.
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