Hangover 2

    Just went to see Hangover part 2, and it is EPIC. Better then 1st, it is a MUST SEE! Just thought i let you know =D



    I hear it's practically a shot for shot remake of the original.

    I thought the first film was ****!

    So looking forward to this on Saturday

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    I hear it's practically a shot for shot remake of the original.

    Ermmm i mean there are similarities, but generally i laughed alot more.

    Nice. Really wanna see it.

    Hopefully off to see it tomorrow, after my last exam of the summer X)

    Planning to see it Saturday. Can't wait.

    i thought the 1st film was better but this one was still great

    I'd say the first was still funnier but I did get a damn good laugh out of the second one!

    Fan of the first one so looking forward to this one.

    Quality but first still better

    deffo gonna see it tomorrow!

    I saw this last night too.. absolutely loved it! Definitely better then the first!

    i haven't seen 1 yet, seen preveiws to 2 & looks funny lol,


    The reviews have been pretty bad this time. It seems as though it's a carbon copy of the first one, which might be okay for some but distracting/boring for others.

    Have to say I'm not exactly bursting to see it.
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