hangover cures

    well to be fair most of us will need them 2morrow. when im hungover i just eat constantly till i feel human again and drink fizzy bath aswell!


    5gram of taurine and 1litre of water before bed

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    where do u get that from?/??


    Welcome to hukd's CoNs isn't taurine in red bull?

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    aurgh my fav alcopop is red square reloaded but it takes me hours to fall asleep if i have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    water,water and more water!!

    it's the best way,hangovers are usually due to dehydration so try,if you can remeber and are not too far gone to down a good glass of water throughout the evening between shandies!

    a pint of the corporation pop before beddy byes should help too.:)

    avoid red wine also,this is the most difficult type of alcohol that the liver has to deal with due to the amount of tanin i think.

    have a great and safe new year's eve,folks!

    :giggle: :giggle: Stay drunk!!!:giggle: :giggle:

    This is the best and it works!

    Obviously drink water before going to bed however if you dont heres the secret!

    In the morning:
    1 Tub of yogurt
    1 teaspoon of salt
    1 Bannana
    1 Pint of water
    2 Headache tablets (anandin work!)

    30 mins later you will be perfect!


    Salt, vitamin c and water is what you need ...make sure you have a bag of salty nuts/crisps when you're out and before bed have 2 fizzy vitamin C tabs in a pint of water or a pint of water and a couple of glasse of OJ.

    Oh yes, lots of sleep also helps :giggle:

    Red kola, we have like 3 big bottles of it in the fridge constantly lol,
    I dont know what they put in that stuff but its blooming good, especially when its cold from the fridge.

    Dont sober up just keep going

    The Magic Pills........

    Ibuprofen! Works every time!

    and water.

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    Don't drink alcohol.

    Three soluble aspirins (900mg in total) in a glass of water and two paracetamol, helps rehydrate the brain and acts as an analgesics
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