'Hangover-free' Prosecco is being sold by Lidl for Christmas

Found 10th Oct 2017
if you neck this and still get a hangover, blame Lidl and then back to the Lucozade / Greasy spoon whilst moaning you'll never drink again

Organic Prosecco uses less sulphites which have been linked to hangovers and Mr Bampfield said: “We’ve all had that shocking wine hangover. This is sometimes attributed to the sulphite preservatives used in wine to keep them fresher for longer.

“Generally, organic wine producers use a lower level of sulphites in the production process, which means they are less likely to contribute to hangovers.

It goes on sale this Thursday 12th Oct for £7.99 and apparently going to sell fast

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shabbird2 h, 23 m ago

@maccy1 No excuse now

Cheers shabs, I'm in...


@maccy1 No excuse now
The best cure is to date a doctor and get them to plug you into a drip as you sleep it off, zero hangovers.
Is the site-resident food & drink correspondent, @msmyth, on holiday?
shabbird2 h, 23 m ago

@maccy1 No excuse now

Cheers shabs, I'm in...


Never get a hangover with my homemade additive free either

I hope they make a "sulphite free" vodka, then I could get obliterated and still feel fine in the morning
If it fixes those hangovers you get while drinking, I could be persuaded.
maccy17 h, 17 m ago

Cheers shabs, I'm in...[Image]


A new brand of prosecco boasting half the amount of sugar as regular fizz and just 67 calories a glass could hit shelves in the UK’s biggest supermarkets in the new year, it was revealed today...


Edited by: "seb" 12th Oct 2017
What’s the actual name of this presecco as aldi have 3 different types with a yellow label and they all range at different prices, I’ve just bought the 7.99 one but my bottle is different to this picture?32241645-6ZCxb.jpg
I mean Lidl
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