Hankook or Kumho Tyres

Posted 12th Apr 2011
Help please, which brand of tyre do you consider better Kumho or Hankook?

We ordered Hankook tyres, they have rung to say they have been unable to source Hankooks, despite accepting the online order and are going to be fitting Kumho instead. Which are " if anything a slightly better tyre".

The only place I have been able to find Kumho online is where the equilvant Kumho tyre is £6 cheaper, so I am not so sure.

Anybody in the tyre business knows which if any are better?

thank you
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I had kumhos on my Skyline when I got it and they were fine if they could handle my driving they will be fine for your car unless you are Lewis Hamilton!!! Cheers Bavis
If you have time, ring up kwik fit and ask them, obviously as a prospective customer.
Get the hand cooked tyres.
I dont use any tyres from Korea / China / Vietnam.

Just look at the reviews compared to premium tyres.

If you only using the car to and from the supermarket in the dry you may be ok.
Not in the business but I have Kumho, garage I took mind too were honest and said they are decent despite selling more expensive tyres
Kuhmo are really noisy I found
Try and get falken 452s they're fantastic
Hancook are part owned by michelin so I'd say the quality is pretty good.
Always have Kumho - I think they're great especially for the price.
One thing i don't skimp on is tyres. If you can't afford good new ones go for good part worns, available for about £20 a tyre.

Garage i got my car from had put cheap tyres on the rear when i bought it, resulting in rear end action on wet corners, and my car isn't even rear wheel drive.
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