Hanspree 37" vs. Vistron 32"


    I'm looking for a HD ready TV with HDMI for as little money as possible. I've come across the following:

    32" Vistron LCD TV (eBuyer)…349


    37" Hanspree LCD TV (Aria)…096

    I wondered which is the better deal? I mean, Obviously I'd prefer the bigger telly, but I'd rather shell out on something with better specs that's going to do me a good innings, rather than a bigger telly that turns out to be an expensive, unreliable mistake. Something relatively future-proof (at least for the time being) would be high priority.

    Which would you guys recommend?


    It comes down to this....
    Which ever one will fit and look better in your house. LOL
    Hope i've influenced you

    Original Poster

    lol. so there's no major technical differences between the two? does anyone know anything about these particular tv's?

    I bought a 32" vistron LCD from ebuyer, i received the tv but no remote , no power lead and no instructions,after numerous phone calls it took three weeks before i could use it. My sister got the same tv but it had no sound.She had to send it back and suffered three weeks without a tv .I don't rate the after-sales service at e-buyer so if you use them hope it's not faulty.

    To be honest with you. Neither of them are good. I would rather pay double the price and get a 42 inch with twice as good specs. None of them have 1080p. The ebuyer one has 1080i and its not good for money.
    My advice. you do whatever you want lol Hope i;ve helped

    I have the Hanspree 37" but its 1080i and i got mine from BT shop when it was on offer, fab buy and dont regret it one bit!

    I would go with badmanmeow, you only get what you pay for !
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