Happt Birthday to me !!

    Getting towards the silver !…JPG


    you aswell!!

    happy birthday

    Happy Birthday to you too.
    :w00t: :w00t: :-D :-D

    Hee hee another one! Happy b'day!!

    Happy Birthday Cyrus! :thumbsup:

    Your pic looks like summit outta the Sims!! :giggle:

    Happy Birthday Cyrus

    Have a great day!

    Many Happy Returns

    Only 5 candles ?

    You old enuff to be on here ?

    What did Santa get ya ?

    Happy Birthday anyway

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday

    Many Many Many happy returns

    Hope you have a fantastic day....

    Editor Hope you have a great day Cyrus!

    Happy Birthdayyyyy!!!

    Happy Birthday:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Your kind wishes meant it was inevitable to have a nice day. Was low key but had a lovely time thanks.

    LOL @ 5 candles and out of sims. Just something I "borrowed" off google images very quickly.

    Thanks again guys ... its people like you that make this community a compelte joy to be in !

    Awww your birthday tooooooo!

    Many happy returns! Nice to know a fellow birthday-er! Only found out tonight that Trevor Nelson has same birthday!

    Hope you had a lovely day x

    Original Poster

    Thanks katrb ! Hope you had a lovely day too.
    Out of curiosity, what kind of person are you ? Would be nice to know if people born on the same day are alike ?

    Happy birthday Cyrus


    Thanks katrb ! Hope you had a lovely day too.Out of curiosity, what kind … Thanks katrb ! Hope you had a lovely day too.Out of curiosity, what kind of person are you ? Would be nice to know if people born on the same day are alike ?

    Erm exactly like this!

    [COLOR=#000000]This is one of the most enthusiastic dates of the year, a peach to work with, fall in love with and have either as a child or parent. January 7 always looks on the bright side of life and the bright side of people. They have the self-confidence which comes with being multi-talented and are rarely tempted to gossip. They never criticise others in order to build themselves up, aware that it's always the praising of others which attracts the rest of the world to their side. This isn't a pushover peach, however. Both sexes are extremely tolerant about other's foibles, culture and religion, but they aren't tolerant of laziness. Their credo is that a job that's worth doing is worth doing well and things left half done will drive them to impressive temper flashes. January 7 rises high in any organisation, because of the hard work, the optimism and the loyalty. And because, with the methodical, logical thought processes common to this star sign, they are often up to the minute on latest scientific and technical inventions. Our peachette is also one of the most attractive birthday people of the year, usually dark and svelte, but whatever shade of hair and colouring, fine eyes and in both sexes, unusually beautiful, long eyelashes. Not at all given to philandering - they prefer to mate for life - January 7 is nevertheless deliciously flirtatious and there will always be a crowd of hopeful admirers, any one of whom would give their eye teeth to leap into this Capricorn's bed. Anybody who does make it into the peachy bedroom will find that love is taken seriously. Both sexes have extremely erotically sensitive bodies and respond to caresses on the rib cage just beneath the bosom for girls and on the equivalent ribcage spot for men. A little pressure from the thumbs just behind the ankle bone will also send Ms and Mr Peach into fruitful transports.

    [/COLOR] [CENTER][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ffffff]Get your Daily Horoscopes by Email FREE![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
    r] [COLOR=#ffffff]Body :[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]
    January 7 enjoys exotic evenings of unashamed pleasures with a lover. Unless it is the middle of a stonking hot summer, British temperatures don't come close to alluring Mediterranean ones. Buy an electric oil filled [/COLOR] for the bedroom which needs to be heated to about 85F or 30C so that ] blossom to maximum effect and your naked body is at ease. Choose perfume essences which are traditionally aphrodisiac. These include: rose, jasmine, clove, sandalwood, cinnamon, cardamom and patchouli. Cover the bed with a clean cotton or linen sheet (no man-made fibre please) which you have sprayed with an aromatic mist.

    Basically - hard working, loyal, make friends for life (and partners)
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